Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunshine Honeybuns: Amateur Poetry in an Artifact-ridden Subterranean

edit: I wrote
this before you woke up!

In the frigid, hermetic basement I wait.
My appetite demanding be sate.

"You promised me brunch!" I will say,
"and last night you left me here to fray."

I'm a little anxious, not too much
Noises in the kitchen! Silence is my crutch.

In Japan I would write a Haiku.
But I won't because you're a poo! (fah-say)

GAH the hours escape
yet still I see not plate.


this is momentary diversion,
lead it not to infelicitous confusion!

less than three,
i adore thee.

more so if I were fed.

1 comment:

  1. quite the focus here :p
    the key to the vivien lies in filling her void...with brunch!!!